Saturday, 16 February 2008

Family Traits by Debra Dando

My father thought outside the box,
Pursuing varied ventures,
If he had had more business sense,
He could have gained such treasures!

My mother had no confidence -
Often worrying about opinion,
She did what others thought was best,
Even in her own dominion.

My uncle was an artist,
He lived a merry life,
He never had much money
And never took a wife.

My husband is a pessimist
And often wears a frown,
He always anticipates the worst
And sometimes gets me down.

My daughter is a realist
And strives hard to achieve,
I hope, one day, she'll reach her goals
And happiness conceive.

Me? - the eternal optimist-
I see the good in all,
I do not follow passing trends,
Poetry and nature hold my soul.

My Zimbio