Monday, 17 March 2008

Reflections on Life

How is it we can use up 300 texts in a month, but rarely speak to others?

How come we spend more time on our mobile 'phone than talking to our family?

Why can we not sit and listen to others without texting, listening to our iPod or listening to music?

I think the answers may be fairly simple ...

  • we've lost the ability to interact with others because we spend so much time in our own little world
  • our current relationships with others have been shaped by damaged relationships from the past
  • we're afraid of rejection or perhaps we've simply never experienced the fulfilment of a meaningful relationship

Listening to the radio recently I heard someone say on a 'phone-in, "Sex isn't about relationship any more; it's about enjoyment."

Hello! If sex isn't about relationship then can we find a tree and get the same enjoyment? If we can then surely we've missed the point.

Do we want pleasure and benefits without commitment, responsibility or effort? ... swipe the card in the slot and out pops a commodity, complete and ready for consumption.

Sadly, the people who live this way also seem to die the same way ... alone.

Humans are separated from other species through the possession of emotions and need for relationships. Take those away, and we create a vacuum which draws just about anything else in, except what we need. Rather like a jigsaw with a piece missing; we try every piece we can except the one designed to fit in the space. No matter how 'almost complete' the picture is, it never is fully complete.

Relationships are a bit like a dynamo ... the more effort we put in, the more we get out. However, better than that, they are like pairing up horses ... one shire horse can pull a 1 ton load whilst two shire horses can pull 7 tons ... the size of the outcome is greater than the sum of the individual parts.

So are we prepared to put up with incomplete jigsaws, or are we prepared to develop friendships and relationships, despite potential risks and costs to us, so that we can enjoy a quality of existence beyond what we can imagine.

C'est la vie ... or ... J'aime la vie?

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