Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy ... New ... Year

Happy New Year!

I've been thinking about what are probably the three words in the English language used most often today.

Happy - Our aim for the coming weeks and months.

New - Time and opportunity for a fresh start

Year - A period of time.

As we look at our friendships and relationships this year let's think about making them happy for all parties concerned, let's look at how we can develop and improve them (even if that means saying, enough is enough) and let's start today but look forward to the fruit of our decisions and actions over the whole year.

I know it's not always simple or easy, and frequent review may be necessary but I'm thankful that I have now, and will have through this year, new chances to make new starts!


I'd never have done it that way
If I knew what I know now.
Or asked such stupid questions,
If you had shown me how.

We'd have arrived much sooner,
If I had known the way.
And we'd still be together
If I'd thrown my pride away.

Our lives would be so different,
If only I had seen,
The way that God was leading
Is not where we have been.

"What?" and "If" and "Maybe"
Are easy when its done.
But they're decisions to be taken
When you're on the run.

With hindsight its so easy,
You know where you went wrong;
You see the steps you've taken
As you have gone along.

But life is one long journey.
We need to count the cost.
Experience is learned from good and bad,
Without it we'd be lost.

My Zimbio

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